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Come Join us for our Spring/Summer Fashion show and Truck Show featuring Lush Bazaar

Lush Bazaar is a socially conscious fashion line that focuses on empowering, and inspiring ​our clients ​through fashion.
We work closely with underprivileged

​individuals​ in India, providing them a stable work environment, and income, and in return they produce beautiful handmade items; clothing, accessories, and home decor. Each product is unique, and filled with ​plenty​ of love, and talent.

​We aim to be socially conscious and eco-friendly (the perfect double whammy)​​. With the fashion industry being one of the leading forces behind modern day slavery (sweat shops) and wastage (trash overload). We create a minimum amount of pieces (12 to be exact), and we work and treat our staff the best. Fashion is beautiful, bold, and innovative, and so are we.

**Along with a fashion and Trunk show we will also be having a Henna Party again by Sarah Santos-Jagroo ​from Heartwarming Hennas

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