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Family Fun Fest meets Live Dinosaurs!

Posted May 17, 2017 by Kim Nguyen in @LNC_eats

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Dinosaur Zoo Live: Where your inner child comes out with excitement and curiosity alongside with your little ones!



Yes, dinosaurs are still extinct. And no, a “Jurassic Park” team of scientists were not involved in this. However, words cannot describe how realistic it felt when everyone was viewing what was happening in front of them. Some kids got scared, but they were also too amazed to turn away or stay scared for long. It was an interactive and educational experience for everyone. The dinosaurs were technically puppets, but the way they were crafted and maneuvered seemed all too real. The strong sounds that came out of them sealed the deal in making it realistic.



The Australian host was theatrical in a sense of making the audience feel like they were at a zoo and not a show. He even got a child to let a dinosaur “eat him!”



The puppeteers moved alongside of the dinosaurs in such a smooth manner that sometimes you would forget they were next to the dinosaurs in order to move them around! They made it seem like they were animal keepers just making sure their animals wouldn’t stray way.



It was a little nerve wrecking wondering how long kids would have patience with waiting to be seated, but Millersville University converted the lobby leading into the theater as a place where children could make crafts. This helped tremendously. Fig Industries was one of the tables set up and they had a dinosaur coloring sheets where kids and adults were able to treat themselves with a lollipop after they finished their coloring.



Some other crafts included children becoming a Paleontologist by making their own fossil out of a dough mixture and coloring pre-made dinosaur crafts.



Although the Dinosaur Zoo Live has passed, there will be many more fun family fest and camps coming up! Just click on this link to see what fun activities you can mark on you calendar! Find out more here:

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Family Fun Fest meets Live Dinosaurs!

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