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Create a Lanc Happy, Part III

Posted January 23, 2017 by Ashley Belsinger in Living a LancHappy Life

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(Pictured above: Lancaster County Community Foundation's At the Table) 

Bettering our community is a noble cause, and it’s one we can all participate in. The last two posts have enumerated a variety of ways to be more involved in the community and help make changes through opportunities, organizations, and local government. There are three more deserving of mention: The Lancaster County Community Foundation, Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty, and the local government boards, commissions, and authorities. If you want to know how you can add to a LancHappy Lanc, check these out below!

Lancaster County Community Foundation  The Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF) was established in 1924, has access to almost 95 million dollars, and helps invest in the vitality of Lancaster and the quality of life of its people. They provide financial resources to more than three hundred nonprofits; this past year, for the Extraordinary Give, they raised over 7 million dollars! LCCF also started the At the Table initiative last year. At the Table brought together about 2,000 people to share what they appreciate about Lancaster as well as areas they’d like to see improve. From this activity, LCCF learned the people of Lancaster are most focused on improving community engagement and social responsibility, affordable housing, and inclusion and equity. 

The Mayor's Commission to Combat Poverty  The Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty is a task force developed to tackle the challenges of local poverty by taking a multidisciplinary approach and using a variety of strategies. The Commission includes members from the education, housing, development, business, local government, and nonprofit sectors. There are open meetings which serve to involve the public in a collaborative effort to address the multifaceted problem.

Local Government Boards, Commission, and Authorities  Lancaster City has twenty-seven boards, commissions, and authorities. For example, the Redevelopment Authority is charged with improving blighted areas, rehabilitating buildings as possible instead of demolishing them, and making places for parks. The Recreation Commission focuses on providing neighborhood-based recreation and learning programs, as well as developing places such as parks and playgrounds. There is also the Human Relations Commission, committed to promoting human rights and eliminating all kinds of discrimination through citizen involvement, education, and enforcement. Each board, commission, and authority has its own site (click on the corresponding link here). Click on the one you’re interested in and learn when they meet and the protocol for attending meetings or how to get involved.

It takes much more than good leadership to build a strong community—it takes active and committed community members. Take advantage of opportunities to voice your opinion, learn how to get involved, and meet other community members with whom you can organize your own project. Not only is Lancaster a LancHappy place for what it has to offer, it’s also an incredible place for the value it puts on community involvement and the opportunities we all have to create a LancHappy Lanc. 

Ashley Belsinger - Living a LancHappy Life

Ashley Belsinger values quality of life and the opportunities everyone has to grow. Through her business, Paragon Life Coaching LLC, she helps clients with creating insight and awareness, building motivation, facilitating change, and improving life satisfaction. She also gives presentations to businesses, organizations, and health centers to educate people about strategies they can use on a daily basis to improve their lives. 


Create a Lanc Happy, Part III

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