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Tellus Calls Us to Table

Posted September 13, 2013 by Sam Campbell in Gigspotting

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Tellus was the Earth goddess in ancient mythology, also sometimes a personification upon Earth.  If you’ve seen ancient artworks, she is depicted usually reclining with a cornucopia and her “four children” the seasons.  Worship of her usually coincided with times of sowing and reaping, birth and death.  “Dust to dust” as they say.  Lancaster has just begun to reap the benefits of what Tellus 360 is sowing.

I attended the rebirth of the Table Top Sessions on Saturday, 9/7 and the place felt positively alive.  It wasn’t just the new life given to the old space and natural building materials.  A community reinvigorated to share simple foods, pleasant conversation and the communion of music.  The night blended all the sensibilities of a family reunion, a church social, a school dance and a holiday.

I thought it was fitting that the first two bands to play the newly renovated space were acts I barely knew.  Tellus owner Joe Devoy assumes no pretenses of being the “next big thing.”  He is a gracious and humble man whose demeanor says, “This is what we’ve created.  You are welcome to join us.”

Brethren plays roots rock with a twist: sometimes folkie, sometimes downright punk.  The Big Dirty creates a kaleidoscope of sounds with bass, guitar, drums and tenor sax run through a massive bank of effects.  I recommend both these bands!  If you were there that night or saw them that afternoon at the Lancaster Craft Beerfest, you likely recommend them now too.  You can see videos of the bands on my Gigspots YouTube channel.

The renovations at Tellus 360 are nearly complete.  They are still awaiting final approval of their PLCB license.  Their delightful Farmette Café is now open.  They have begun to post events and “Rootenanny” on 9/27 will be a humdinger!  In its fourth year, Rootenanny is a benefit concert for local non-profits dedicated to making the Earth more habitable, sustainable and friendly.  The event moves to Tellus this year and benefits Live Green and Bring On Play.  Venerable local acts Vinegar Creek Constituency, Mark DeRose and the Dreadnought Brigade and Vulcans will play.  Bring your $15 and very comfy shoes! 

Events scheduled for October at Tellus include another Table Top Session on 10/3, a Tribute to Levon Helm/The Band concert on 10/7 and a Sunday Supper on 10/20.  They will all sell out so get your tickets early.  The Table Top features Carsie Blanton and Katy Glorioso.  I’ve been head-over-heels for Carsie since her appearance at one of the first ticketed events at Tellus (sorry honey)!  Watch this video and try to resist buying tickets, I dare you!  If you love genuine music or being able to say, “I saw her when…” you can’t make a better investment.  The Levon tribute coincides with the film screening of Ain’t In It For My Health a documentary/tribute about Helm being shown 10/7 at The Ware Center.  Again, some of Lancaster’s best musicians will be out to play.  The Sunday Supper again invites us all to table.  Come have a “circle of life” moment and be part of Lancaster’s cornucopia and something much bigger.

Sam Campbell - Gigspotting

Sam is the owner/operator of, a website built to showcase bands and live music venues from Pittsburgh to Philly, from the Poconos to the Potomac. He has lived and worked in Lancaster since 1988.  His mission is to help reestablish Lancaster as a major cultural crossroads in the mid-Atlantic.  He served as operations director for the first three years of Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival.  He is publisher, promoter, booking agent, tour manager, videographer and sound engineer at Gigspots. Check out Sam's blog, band profiles, venue info and daily Spot of the Week updates at


Tellus Calls Us to Table

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