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Fig Q&A with Co-Owner/Chef of Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe

Posted June 14, 2017 by Kim NguyenKim Nguyen in Foodie@LNC_eats

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@LNC_eats with Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe

Fig Q&A with Co-Owner/Chef Rachael Reinmiller

Tuesday, June 13 - 2017



It was an honor to sit down with the always busy Rachael Reinmiller, Co-Owner and Chef to chat about her second location. Upon arrival for our 8am meeting, Rachael was rushing to unload her car with items from a catering event she had just finished earlier that morning and fresh local produce which she gathered from Central Market. Anyone who can see how much time and work she puts into her businesses really cannot help but admire her for being such an amazing person with strong work ethics and a huge heart; willing to help anyone achieve their passion in being creative in the food industry.

Fig: Commonwealth on Queen has been one of Lancaster’s hot spots for awhile now. You’ve opened a second location that is very similar, but also different in its own unique way. Could you share how Commonwealth Kitchen and Cafe started and how it is different from Commonwealth on Queen?

Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe: Our first location doesn’t really have a kitchen in it. Catering grew and the month that we had to decide what to do [because Commonwealth on Queen’s kitchen was not able to accommodate the growth of the catering business], this space became available. This is a part of the neighborhood we live in and we came here often when Skinny Park was here. Mark (husband & co-owner) and I knew the history of the space here and this seemed like a no brainer when it became available. We decided to ramp up and use this [for our catering growth and creating a spot for the local neighbors].

Fig: Harvest Moon Bagel Co. is now a part of your team. Could you elaborate on your relationship?

Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe: I’ve known Chelsea for a long time. We have crossed paths when we worked together awhile back at a local restaurant. About two years ago she began the process doing bagels and as soon as we opened here she was set up to do her bagels. She has worked with us for pretty much three years now (also referring to the Commonwealth on Queen location). She’s good at what she does and she loves what she does. It’s nice to work with someone who is passionate and likes to do different things which I appreciate. We purchase bagels from her and I’m really excited for her to succeed and I’m happy to see her grow. She’s a great employee and friend and we love to help her in any way we can.


Fig: What are some must-try dishes?

Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe: I’m super passionate about our savory pastries. It was one of Chelsea’s additions to the menu. She is such a great pastry chef and she makes a delicious crust and we fill it with ham and cheddar or spinach and feta and we put a fried egg on it- and I love a fried egg on anything. Some other must-try dishes are The Pancho, which will be new for the Summer season menu and the Waffle Cristo. We also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes at this location.



Fig: What do you hope to see in the future?

Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe: I would like to have this spot to be a neighborhood breakfast spot. It’s been really hard to find enough people to work so I end up doing 7 days a week. I think if I had enough experienced people then I can start handing things off. We’re not traditional and we like to be creative and change things around based on the season. I’d like to find time to also train a chef for this location.


Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe
443 N. Mulberry Street
Lancaster, PA
(717) 490-6048

Kim Nguyen - @LNC_eats

Hello! I'm Kim from the Instagram @LNC_eats. After years of dining on chain restaurants and the usual takeouts, I discovered Lancaster has many fantastic and unique eateries that needed exploring! My food exploration is trying to find the must-have item at every place and learning what makes it stand out. I'm excited to share my experiences with you all. Although everyone may have different tastes, I hope you find my food blog to be of delicious reference! Enjoy!


Fig Q&A with Co-Owner/Chef of Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe

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