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Disney’s Newsies at Fulton Theatre

Posted June 15, 2017 by Adina Ficano in Fig at the Fulton

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If you are a 90s kid in any way, you know Disney’s Newsies. If you asked 9 years old me if I liked the Newsies, you would have received a strong NO. My sister and I had the relationship where if one of us loved something, the other hated it or at least acted that way. My sister LOVED Newsies so I acted as if I hated it. Deep down, I loved it too. I knew every word to every song and crushed hard on Brooklyn. When I saw that Fulton Theatre had Newsies in their season, I was ecstatic.

As I attend more Fulton Theatre productions, I notice the little details they add to every show. For Newsies, the playbill is a printed newspaper. It is a small, creative touch that immediately sets the mood and makes you part of the show. With your paper in hand, you are now a Newsie patron. How can you not be concerned about their livelihood and work environment?

The show opens with Santa Fe. Surprising to any fan as it usually isn’t a favorite and sung later in the film. However, Matt Farcher (Jack Kelly) emotes everything he has in the new arrangement and the audience is immediately under his spell. You are with Jack no matter what the circumstance from here on out. The effortless harmony with Blake Stadnik (Crutchie) seals the deal. You are now glued to every bit of the show and the characters.

Very quickly the ensemble shows they are on the same level with their energy and involvement. They are constantly running up and down the set pieces and throughout the theater. The dance numbers are intense and require majority of them to share the stage at one time. I was extremely impressed with the level of dancing and acrobatics that were done by such a large group in a small area. Stages seem large but when you are jumping, leaping, and turning, that space quickly dissipates.

My favorite number of the movie is King of New York. This also holds true for the stage production. The tap number involved during this song is impressive to say the least. Again, there are countless cast members, in one area, executing difficult dance routines. It is breathtaking to watch and entrancing to listen to. The entire casts efforts to pull this routine off was definitely worth it. Thank you for your dedication. I am certain it took quite a lot.

Fulton Theatre’s presentation of Disney’s Newsies is exceptional. Whether you are already a Newsies fan or just a fan of great theater, this show will go beyond your expectations. Disney’s Newsies is performing now through July 23rd. For tickets and show information visit or call the box office at 717-397-7425.

Adina Ficano - Fig at the Fulton

Adina has been a resident of Lancaster for over 5 years. She has lived in cities and rural areas. Lancaster provides her with the perfect balance of city life and rural relaxation. It has all that she loves, great food, great community, creativity, uniqueness, theater, and hiking. Adina is an artist at heart and has voluntarily stage managed for local community theaters. With this opportunity, Adina will be able share and boast her love of Lancaster and theater. She is ecstatic to join the Fig Blogger team!


Disney’s Newsies at Fulton Theatre

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