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Authentic:  Dr. Rau

THE AUTHENTICITY that Dr. Rau brings to her work for the School District of Lancaster is her drive to pay it forward. Growing up in foster care, Dr. Rau credits the high expectations of strong female role models for pushing her to achieve an advanced education. That drive continued through her work as a teacher, compelling her to broaden her influence in order to encompass more and more students. Now, as the Superintendent of SDoL, Dr. Rau serves and advocates for a student body of 11,300.

“I get the deep impression that what’s different about SDoL is the support in the community for the schools. From the businesses to the families to the churches, the community believes in and supports the children.”

A forward thinker, Dr. Rau shared her vision for SDoL: the school district is united in their focus on 21st century skills, taking learning beyond content to include communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. To help students become more competitive academically, SDoL is actively raising the standards of good instruction, increasing rigor and expectations for student achievement. Dr. Rau is committed to providing the dedicated teachers on her staff opportunities to take leadership roles without leaving the classroom. Cognizant of the whole child, SDoL is also focusing on emotional learning. Students are being guided as members of restorative circles, developing a mindset of peacemaking.

When asked what’s next, Dr. Rau would like to see the community step into more mentorship roles with the public school students of Lancaster. She envisions business leaders in the community taking a more active role in encouraging students to go to college and showing them a model for the success they are capable of achieving.

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